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Why Hello Beautiful?

Hello Beautiful is all about encouraging my sisters to understand our beauty and worth through God's eyes and not our life choices, circumstances, experiences or rules created and governed by society. As women, we often take on the cares of the world and leave ourselves behind without a thought or care of the greatness in which we were truly designed.


The Mission

The mission of Hello Beautiful is for every woman and girl from every nation, culture, hue, socioeconomic status and all walks of life be empowered and inspired into being our greatest version of our selves.  There is no room for doubt about our true value. You matter, Sis! Hello Beautiful!

The Vision

The idea of Hello Beautiful was born from a vision over 30 years ago while watching Oprah Winfrey on tour at the height of her television career. Oprah stepped out onto an outdoor stage overlooking a sea of women and belted out, “HELLO GORGEOUS!” Immediately the cameras spanned the audience, the women were so enthralled and captivated as if she personally called them by name. In that short span of time, you could see that these women needed to know that someone thinks they are worth it. The jubilance displayed on their faces was enough for me to think that someday, I too want to encourage and inspire women and girls the same way.
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